Guided Imagery Sessions Can Dramatically Help You:

  •  Feel energized, confident and creative
  •  Make healthy life style change
  • Minimize automatic fight or flight response
  • Reduce symptoms of stress and anxietycropped-dawn-pink-gold-no-water-blue.jpg
  • Dissolve anger
  • Unlock your creative passion and spontaneity
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Acquire positive control over mental attitudes and images
  • Reduce your guilt, self blame and  sabotage
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Prepare for surgery and rapid recovery
  • Stop smoking or eliminate other controlling habits
  • Improve the symptoms associated with PMS, fertility  challenges or menopause

During  a session you will be able reconnect with deeper realms of your inner wisdom, spirit and soul. Awareness, creative insights and inner alignment seem to magically emerge from these quiet depths.

If you would like to find out how guided imagery  and coaching can help you, call me to schedule a free 30 minute phone conversation so we can talk about your concerns and I can answer your questions.