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I was originally introduced to hypnosis by Dr. David Cheek, a respected medical doctor and hypnotherapist. I went to see him because I had suffered several miscarriages and wanted to have a child. After several sessions I was able to conceive and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. Several years later I was presented an opportunity to learn and incorporate hypnosis into my counseling practice in a medical office.  I accepted because I had experienced the benefits of hypnotherapy and have used it for over 25 years to help others.

Felicity Kirsch, Hypnotherapist

 A few years ago I was working on the libretto of my musical and having great difficulty writing the lyrics. I had composed the melodies but couldn't settle on the lyrics; in fact I felt that perhaps I just didn't have the talent. Felicity suggested hypnosis and my immediate reaction was to laugh and to point out that I would be a terrible subject for hypnosis, too resistant, and anyway what would be the purpose?  

           So she had me lie down to "relax".  I don't remember the specific language that she used, but the tone was soft and gentle and easy to listen to and I relaxed.  I'm not sure how we got there but Felicity took me to a deep place in myself where I could be intentional and do what I really wanted to do. It was quiet, it was simple, and I walked away thinking that nothing much had happened. However, the next morning I had no problem writing the lyrics.  It didn’t feel like I was suddenly able to write great lyrics. It just wasn't a problem anymore.

Scott W

I was experiencing holiday/family stress, plus heavy grief for my deceased mother. I felt like my inner energy was scattered, unsettled and anxious.  After my hypnosis session I felt calm, collected and back in control of my crazy, popcorn-like energy. I felt such a sense of trust with Felicity, who listened and addressed my issues  and offered simple coping tools for when I feel anxious or scattered. Ever since, I have been able to rein my energy back in to my body where I feel more comfortable, calm and in control. My session was like hitting my reset button - I left feeling renewed and refreshed….and most importantly, lighter and happy!

Cindy C.

I came to Felicity because I had received a diagnosis of Glaucoma. During hypnotherapy I got in touch with insights and awareness that helped reduce the pressure and discomfort in my eyes. Further, she taught me a few simple techniques that I use at home to relax my eyes and reduce the pressure associated with my condition.     

Barbara M

I met Felicity after being diagnosed with cancer. Over the course of several sessions with her, Felicity used hypnotherapy to help me prepare for a long and demanding surgery, to show me new ways to relate to my condition, and to guide me toward a recovery afterwards. In every case her thoughtful and empathic response to me and my concerns, and her wisdom and understanding of what I was going through affected me deeply. Honestly, I don't know how I would have managed without her, and I've recommended her attentive services to numerous people in a similar situation. I now consider Felicity a permanent part of my healing journey, and rely on as a beacon in my recovery process. I cannot recommend her highly enough

Fred J.

I am passionately appreciative of Felicity. As I enter her space for my regular sessions I am always welcomed with love and holding. Felicity holds a special place in my heart as my spiritual mother and guide and at each session she magically and gently is able to bring me back to the present. In the field of presence Felicity allows her wisdom to permeate my pain, suffering and confusion.

Janet F


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