Acceptance and Self Worth

self worth and acceptance

The most important decision you make in your life is the commitment to respect and love yourself. It is often made outside your conscious awareness but respecting and accepting yourself has a major impact on your relationships, work, free time and your future.

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others.  You need to accept yourself”  Thich Nhat Hahn

It is sometimes very difficult to do because of past experiences and judgements. We learn early in our lives to conform to the ideals of our parents, teachers and friends in order to be accepted and admired.

As a result, our self worth often gets shaped by values in the external world, and  it becomes extremely difficult to value and appreciate our own unique gifts and abilities if we did not have encouragement and appreciation during our formative childhood.

You are important, you matter and you are worthy.  Acceptance and love come from within, you don’t have to change who you are to be valuable, you have to learn stop judging  yourself.

Loving and accepting yourself is not a one time event, it is an endless process that begins with the decision to embark on the journey.

You can hide your inner light and brilliance but you cannot destroy it.  It wants to shine and will keep pestering you with symptoms until you listen.

I have worked with many clients whose lives changed dramatically as they learned to embrace themselves.  I feel honored to participate as they emerged shyly from the cocoon that hid their beautiful inner light.






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