Inner Critics connection to anxiety, depression, shame and self worth

Clients often believe there is something inherently wrong with them, they are often surprised and relieved to learn their feelings of anxiety, depression, shame and worthlessness are not facts about them but originate from the unheard voice of an inner critic.

The inner critic develops early in life in an attempt to protect a young child from correction or rejection as a result of not being fully accepted as they are. The inner critics intention was to help the child become more acceptable in the existing social environment. Over time the effect of comments by an unknown inner critic become demoralizing and destructive.

Learning about the existence of the inner critic can help you become learn how the inner critic operates. Hypnotherapy allows your adult self to communicate directly with the inner critic and let it know how you like to hear comments and receive directions. You become more empowered and the  critic can transform the formerly negative messages into positive encouragement and support.

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