Positive Changes croppedI came to see Felicity because I had just been diagnosed with Glaucoma and might need surgery. I was upset and fearful.  During hypnotherapy I received insights and awareness that helped reduce the pressure and discomfort in my eyes. Felicity also taught me simple techniques to do at home for relaxing my eyes and reducing anxiety.  My eyes feel comfortable and I did not  need surgery.
Barbara M

My deep appreciation for our sessions, to be in your care and expertise was most comforting and healing.  I will continue to use the tools you offered to discover what unfolds over time with renewed awareness.   June P.

I had  amenorrhea, anxiety and insomnia for six years.  I was tested, medicated and treated by western doctors, eastern practitioners and a psychotherapist to no avail.  Felicity helped me relax and turn inward. The sessions performed wonders and after two sessions  my cycle returned to normal and my anxiety subsided. It was like a miracle and at first I had difficulty believing it had happened so easily.  I highly recommend Felicity to anyone who is struggling with troubling issues. She is insightful, calm, intuitive and has an innate ability to read people.
Karen V.

I was experiencing holiday stress and  grieving deeply for my recently deceased mother. I felt scattered, unsettled, anxious and my inner energy felt like crazy popcorn. I felt such a sense of trust with Felicity.  She listened, addressed my issues and offered simple coping tools for the future. My session felt like hitting a reset button and I felt renewed, refreshed, calm and back in control. I would recommend Felicity to anyone who needs to pause, calm down and see their life from a new perspective.
Cindy C.

 A few years ago I was having difficulty writing the lyrics to my libretto. I had composed melodies but I couldn’t quite finalize the lyrics. Felicity suggested hypnosis, her tone was soft, gentle and easy to listen to. I went to a deep place in myself where it was quiet, clear and peaceful. I walked away feeling relaxed and comfortable but didn’t think much had happened. The next morning writing the lyrics was easy.  It didn’t feel like I was suddenly able to write great lyrics. It just wasn’t a problem anymore.
Michael W.

I scheduled a session with Felicity after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. Her thoughtful and empathetic response to me and my concerns affected me deeply. Over the course of several sessions Felicity helped me prepare for a long and demanding surgery, recovery and to positively relate to my body afterward.  I don’t know how I would have managed without her. I consider Felicity a permanent part of my healing journey, she is a beacon in my recovery process and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Fred J.

I am passionately appreciative of Felicity. When I enter her space for my regular sessions I am always welcomed with love and respect.  Felicity holds a special place in my heart as my spiritual mother and guide. During each session she magically and gently brings me back to the present where clarity and wisdom permeate pain, suffering and confusion.
Janet F.

Once in while you cross paths with someone, your life is enhanced and you know this person is part of your evolving path ahead. This is  Felicity and I am so grateful to have her in my life.
Brittany H.

Felicity helped me heal several health issues that had not responded to conventional medication and treatment. The most remarkable was a “red eye” condition that had persisted for over 6 years and had only temporarily responded to  cortisone injections in my eyes and  eye drops. With hypnosis and Felicity’s insightful guidance I was able to get in touch with the underlying emotional issue that had contributed to my red eyes.  My eyes remain clear and white and the discomfort and potential rejection of a corneal transplants is no longer a concern.
Chris G.

Thank you for changing my life Felicity, the fear and self-loathing I was living with is gone. I feel like a different person, there is so much more to say but I would just like to thank you for helping start my life over with self-love!!! I never thought it was possible to feel like this and it keeps getting better.
Gale K

After a year of continuous world travel I returned to the US with severe abdominal issues. I assumed I had contracted a bacterial or viral condition. After months of extensive lab work, consultation with five different physicians and numerous tests to explore more serious conditions. the tests were inconclusive but my symptoms persisted.  I made many dietary changes and took medications that did not help.  After one session under Felicity’s kind, gentle, caring and professional guidance, my year long and nearly daily bout of severe nausea, abdominal pain and bloating disappeared and has not returned – at this time more than two months after my session! Without reservation I have and will continue to highly recommend the positive benefits of this valuable and powerful work.
Melanie M.

I contacted Felicity because I was experiencing a lot of anger and frustration.  The anger made me feel out of control and physically ill.  Felicity offered practical tools, talk therapy, hypnosis, visualization and suggestions.  After only two sessions, I was able to notice the anger when it first emerged and was able calm it almost immediately by calling on the relaxed stated I learned to create during hypnotherapy.  My family is grateful and so am I.

Barbara D.